In 2017, Wilderness Safaris unveiled its Star Bed at Wilderness Safaris Linkwasha Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. And truly, if you’re looking to spend a night in nature, this bed will do the trick.

“Linkwasha’s new Star Bed is positioned right in the middle of the action where the animals come to drink at Scott’s Pan and is a wonderful addition to our Hwange offering,” Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe Managing Director, Ron Goatley, shared in a statement. “In the dry season, the magical elephant experience will be taking place all night long, in front of and all around the Star Bed — offering a life-changing experience for our guests who want an authentic wildlife adventure.”

The star bed sits out on a wooden platform, covered in a protective mosquito net, and not much else. But, its minimal design is ideal, as the true star of the show is the epic view. The entire bed overlooks Scott’s Pan, an area that Wilderness Safari’s calls a “productive” area for wildlife activity.

Located just a short drive away from the company’s Linkwasha Camp, the Star Bed can be set up upon guest request. A guide will also accompany guests and sleep nearby to ensure their safety.

“As more and more of our guests seek new and different safari experiences that help them to not only reconnect with nature but also with themselves and their loved ones, we are delighted to offer more Star Bed adventures at our camps,” Goatley added. “We have a diverse range of Star Beds on offer across all of our regions, with each one offering a unique perspective of the African bush.”

For now, travel to Zimbabwe is restricted, and all guests arriving at the nation are subject to mandatory 21-day quarantine at a government facility, even those with a negative coronavirus test. But, when the time comes, the star bed just may be the perfect way to socially distance from just about everyone.

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