Scientists from NemAfrica, the nematology unit at CGIAR-IITA, and the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) are currently assessing new potato varieties that are resistant to the potato cyst nematode (PCN) pest. These damaging pests significantly reduce yields and tuber sizes and consequently impact farmers’ income and food security in Kenya and the broader East African region. Researchers...
Special sponges, magnetic soap and autonomous robots are among the latest wave of inventions aimed at tackling oil spills. Incidents such as the tanker stranding in Mauritius in August can devastate the environment and threaten communities who rely on the sea or tourism for their livelihoods. They often take months or years to clean up. Prof Vinayak Dravid and Vikas Nandwana, a PhD...
A Rwf71 billion ($79.93m) Kayonza Irrigation and Integrated Watershed Management Project (KIIWP) that will operate in eight of Kayonza District’s 12 sectors was launched on Tuesday, September 15 and is expected to contribute to poverty reduction in the drought-prone district. The objective is meant to ensure food security and income of 50,000 rural households on a sustainable basis and build...
The ecological gesture of planting a tree will soon no longer be optional in Senegal. The President of the Republic has recently announced a bill to this effect. For the government, it is a question of accelerating reforestation in order to preserve the environment. The Senegalese government wants to expand reforestation throughout the country. The construction of housing and public...

Ken Giami Notes

Ken Giami Notes

You don’t win a race sitting down; you run, in spite of the odds, to win. Set your eyes on the prize, brace up...

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