The city of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, has the biggest shopping centre in Central Africa. As of now, the general public is enthusiastic about finding the Douala Grand Mall.

The ultra-modern tower is built on 40,000 m2 of which 18,000 m2 of commercial space is dedicated to entertainment, leisure and shopping.

“The shops are there, everything is in place. Really, I think it’s great for the first time in Cameroon, especially in Douala in our city. Really, it’s very warm and it’s very good. It really makes me happy”, Honoré Tcheutchoua, Douala resident, said.

Douala Grand Mall, which appears as though a museum and an airport will be home to 160 shops, grocery stores, amusement parks and films. 300,000 guests are expected every month, as indicated by the promoters’ forecasts. The project cost 122 million euros.

“We are targeting the second phase of this project because phase two, which still includes a hotel and an office space, is still part of the complex. We have estimated that in its overall scope, we will generate around 4,500 direct and indirect jobs in all specialities,” Mathurin Kamdem is the promoter of the Douala Grand Mall.

Wearing a mask is required, as measures are taken to reduce the spread of Covid-19.and, the city region has additionally taken steps to restrict environmental pollution because of the enormous loads of waste that could be created by the activities on this site.

The 2-level Douala Grand Mall, which joins commerce and entertainment, has in this manner reformed retail trade in Cameroon.

According to the promoters, it is reported that this large shopping Centre has enabled the injection of 46 million euros into the local economy, through equipment purchases and payment of services. The Cameroonian State, which supports this project for private economic operators, plans to achieve a filling rate of at least 80% by the end of the year”.


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