Complete Sports Nigeria recently entered into a partnership with RealFevr to introduce Fantasy Leagues to Nigerians.

Football fans can now move to the football fantasy world and enjoy what they might have missed so far.

RealFevr is a Portugal based fantasy platform, and its move to partner Complete Sports Nigeria is a major coup for the sports entertainment industry in Nigeria. In its basic workings, the two are teaming up to bring England Sim Fantasy reality to millions of fans.

The football world in Nigeria is coupled with a lot more changes coming like the introduction of fantasy football leagues. This is despite the disruption of most leagues.

RealFevr and Complete Sports Nigeria collaboration begin immediately. The first trial league will be based on the EPL league.

RealFevr, the Portuguese startup is really picking up to develop the Fantasy Sports arena. Its goal is to enter into collaborations with influential media like Complete Sports, which is widely read in Nigeria.

Complete Sports, one of Nigeria’s most-read sports newspapers, has stood the test of time since 1995. It is also read in parts of West Africa like in Cameroon. It is, therefore, one of the best partnerships RealFevr has got, commanding a wide audience.

The partnership will deliver innovative sports content to sports fans and offer entertainment and rewards to their followers, among other benefits.

According to Complete Sports, registration is open and ongoing. Interested fans can visit the media platform’s website for more information. The platform also says that fans can create their own EPL fantasy team after visiting the RealFevr Fantasy website.

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