Sweet and sticky Teriyaki Chicken in homemade Teriyaki sauce is the perfect easy dinner recipe served with rice and a simple cucumber salad. I love this easy Teriyaki chicken recipe for those nights when I don’t have much time to get something on the table for dinner. The chicken takes minutes to make because I cut out the marinating and...
By Dunni Obata The British have their mash which they are very proud of, a true National Treasure. Well, we can have our own too using a true National ingredient, Yam. Wherever you go in Nigeria, Yam is widely consumed. East, North, South, West, everybody eats Yam. When I was much younger, I always thought Yam was only native to...
Fermented Millet Porridge This is an almost universal breakfast across the continent, and it has been recorded by visitors as far back as the middle ages. Since the introduction of corn, we can find corn versions in Nigeria (pap, smooth like custard) or in Ghana (Koko, a little course and filled with warming spices like cloves and ginger). In...
The website was built in collaboration with top African chefs, expert nutritionists, and local food influencers Nestlé the world’s largest food and beverage company, will hold a press conference to launch the first-of-a-kind Website in Central and west Africa along with the launch of the Season 2 of Yelo Pèppè its popular online nutrition education drama series, showing. What? The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting consumer...

Ken Giami Notes

Ken Giami Notes

You don’t win a race sitting down; you run, in spite of the odds, to win. Set your eyes on the prize, brace up...

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