By Jewel Ken-Giami
… Dad said he had an announcement. I whined stressfully because I was ready to throw myself onto my bed, but little did I know what I was about to hear. Now, I quite enjoy putting people in suspense but I have to tell you eventually. I and my siblings just stood there, staring at him. We were curious, eager to find out ( well, some of us. Like I said, I needed SLEEP).
“I need to tell you all something. Things are going to change.” These words echoed in my head. Change? How? Are we moving house? I was suddenly interested. ” Your mother and I have been thinking… and we’re temporarily going to live abroad.” WHAT?!” I shouted. ” Where?!” “England.” All the sleepiness quickly drained out of me. Emotions rushed through me. I jumped up and down in excitement. What a journey this would be!
Then 2 months passed and so did Christmas, my birthday (my 7th) and New Year day came. I’d been quite boastful, telling all my friends and classmates about our move to the UK. In church, I made one girl cry by saying I’ll be living in the ‘Queen’s Country’. “It’s not fair!” she wailed. But I started to get anxious. It was 2 weeks to our planned departure, and mum, who was studying for her PhD there, didn’t have all documents yet. I was really becoming worried. Will we still be able to go to England? Was all that boasting for nothing?
Well, we’ll have to wait and see… to be continued.


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