A clothing brand in Namibia, Betterdays, owned by Nailenge Samora and Atshipara Starlin, invests a profit share of 40% made from 1000 sales into the provision of sanitary pads for schoolgirls across the country.

Disclosing the objective behind what can be seen as a social responsibility project, Atshipara, noted that Betterdays aims to make people aware that they should not give up, because better days are yet to come. The 25-year-old explained that Betterdays deals with original products, and the efforts to provide the sanitary pads are in line with their Project 1000, which is aimed at selling 1000 Betterdays products that include t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, bodywarmers and bucket hats.

“Some girls simply don’t have access to sanitary products, while others face discrimination and stigma during their periods. Others don’t have educational resources to inform them about safe, sanitary hygiene practices” he said.

In executing the project, Atshipara noted that the business is looking to work with regional directorates of education to help identify schools where sanitary pads can be distributed. Meanwhile, the company also supports vulnerable children, especially in villages, and other needy people as a means of encouraging development and sustenance in the country, a model for other businesses to follow.

In its operations, Betterdays trades a wide range of designs that its customers can choose from with affordable clothing T-shirts, and the company operates on a pay-as-you-order basis.


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