It took him eight months of trials to make sure that this rechargeable iron could work properly.

In this laboratory, 23-year-old Baraka Safari Elie spends his whole day making these rechargeable irons, the first of its kind in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They are rechargeable and can conserve energy for up to 3 hours.

Young Safari Elie says he wants to help improve the lives of Congolese people in a country where electricity is a problem,

Baraka Safari Elie, young entrepreneur and Director of BANZELA talked the specificity of his invention;

“Among the solutions we have provided, is the rechargeable iron that allows users to iron for a period of at least three hours without having electricity in the house, which means that you can charge it, you can even travel with it, in trips, anywhere, if you need to iron if you don’t have access to electricity you can always use our iron.”

Aside from the ironing device, Ellie also invented a rechargeable stove, fabricated from raw material imported from several foreign countries

Already the residents of Goma are interested in this local, made in Congo product, and the demands.

The iron costs US$25, but the import of raw materials is a challenge given the closure of borders following the coronavirus pandemic.

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