By Jewel Ken-Giami
Have you ever wanted to live overseas? You wanted to live in America or Australia. Africa, China, Denmark, Japan, all the amazing countries – outside where you were born . It would be fun, wouldn’t it? When I was younger, I definitely thought that!
My parents had always taken us overseas for summer holidays. They took me and my siblings this particular time to London and, oh, I loved it! We saw Big Ben, we crossed London Bridge and SAW the London Eye because they wanted to go on but I wouldn’t budge. Anyway, I was pretty bummed when we had to go back. Bored of my basic everyday life, my little 7 year old self just wanted a change and I knew it was going to happen. But I had no idea I’d actually be moving countries…
Our story begins on a breezy winter evening. Now, I was still living in Nigeria (a country in Africa) so it wasn’t like a proper winter. Me and my siblings were in the living room watching our favourite cartoons, like Doc McStuffins. Remember, I just turned 7! Anyway, whilst we watched, our parents where quietly discussing something. I wondered what they were talking about? But I was too busy watching Stuffie fool around to care. About 30 minutes later, we were tired and were about to go to bed. But suddenly, Dad got up, cleared his throat and said, ” Everyone, I have an announcement….”
To be continued next week


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