Nigerian artiste, David Adeleke, has received recognition as the brand ambassador of the great cognac houses, Maison Martell and its new “Standout Swift”. Otherwise known as Davido, the artiste is set to enjoy international status as an ambassador for the brand with the intention to pave the way for others and create a legacy for future generations via the “Standout Swift” Initiative which, for Martell, represents someone who challenges convention and opens the way for others.

Describing Davido, the CEO of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, César Giron said:  “Davido is fired by the same creative energy as Martell. His songs are a way for him to express his unique talent and his bold personality and – above and beyond that – to speak for his generation”.

The brand believes that like itself, Davido is creating a legacy that starts – but does not end – with him. The artiste expressed his joy at the venture, noting his determination to represent the brand with his creative ability.

“I am proud to go on this incredible adventure with Martell, as I know we are pursuing the same goal: opening the way for others, each within our own creative field. We share the same idea that we rise by lifting others. Through my songs, I want to show the new generation that anything is possible. “That’s what I love about Martell’s history and expertise: the capacity to continually reinvent tradition,” he said.

The brand plans to unveil Davido via the new Martell Blue Swift campaign which will come feature later in the year.


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