Urbet, with technology similar to that of a BMW, launches an Ego E-scooter for those who love innovation in Spain.

Urbet, which is owned by Smart Electric Transport SL, was established to meet the pressing need of implementing and developing mobility systems such as mopeds, for Spain’s smart cities. Intending to improve the quality of life in urban areas, Urbet offers its clients both a vast array of electric mobility vehicles destined to move efficiently through the city and products more focused on the leisure of a younger audience.

Launching its latest arch-shaped theme Ego E-scooter, the brand’s most anticipated product yet features spectacular design, handling and efficiency, with its front and rear suspension fitting snugly to the curved cut-outs of the central bodywork. Utilizing technology similar to that of a BMW, the Ego E-scooter boasts cantilever-type geometry, coilover-and mono-shock, alongside the inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes, a 3000-watt motor and 72-volt battery pack.

Achieving a maximum speed of up to 90 km/h, and a range of at least 120km, the Ego is branded as the ideal vehicle for those who love innovation in the city, priced at an estimated USD$2780.46 – and come complete with a synchronized speaker and throttle grip that optionally emits a traditional motorcycle sound for pedestrian safety.



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