By Gbemileke Anthony

I saw you several times, and I did not take note,

Then you sought me out and made small talk.

I did not think much about our boring, short and somewhat awkward conversations.

But then, I began to look forward to your “How are you?”

I began to expect a message from you at odd hours,

I started checking out your profile,

Trying to make smart, seemingly innocent comments on your status,

I did not want to be seen as pushy or doing too much,

I wasn’t the type of girl who forced herself on a guy and I was not going to start with you.

So, I made small talk and looked out for you whenever and wherever I could.

Images of you would drift through my mind throughout the day and I would joyfully imagine us together.

I would sit and wait for you to call.

This lasted for two weeks and I did not even know when my “affections” moved to another.

I shifted my attention from you and I quickly found another prey.

I honestly cannot explain my fading fascinations or why my heart is fond of fleeting affection.


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