At the interphase of life;
Right beneath the heart,
And the reasoning of the mind,
Lies the forbidden gap,

Few do dare to tread;
This lonely path,
That seems to arouse,
Feelings of great desire
Some do cross this gap,
Escaping its horrors,
Through bridges,
Hastily constructed, in fear of the unknown,

The few who dread its path,
Become enigmas of this world;
Seen through their eyes;
Their lives and achievement,

The gap that sieves,
That destroys,
That creates,
That transcends,

The darkness that we fear,
That we loathe,
That we do not know,
That holds our dark passions.

The explanation behind the poem:

“Dark Passions,” is a poem that represents a style of poetry I haven’t touched or written like, for a very long time. It’s one of the few poems I have written that I enjoy reading. Within it lies so much weight, so much mystery, so much of how I see things, then and now, and possible a distant time in the future. For you to understand its mysteries, you must take your time with it.


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