…plans Roll-Out in Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Kenya

The creation of the mobile business happened the second that prepaid calling was executed. Users with no secure income except for generally limited amounts of money could become clients when they had money. This week Mondia, a leading independent digital entertainment enabler, has launched a content platform that may turn into the “prepay” moment for digital content in Africa. Russell Southwood conversed with Paolo Rizzardini, CCO, Mondia about its arrangements.

“We looked for a model that can work for the African consumer. We know that they’re interested in content and that they are increasingly more and more smartphones. So we said let’s give them a one-stop-shop where you can taste conveniently. You can buy a bucket of entertainment time.

Monsooq is now a web portal; however, it will likewise turn into an application as client numbers increase. The portal has four classifications: watch, listen, play (internet games) and read. It was just dispatched Monday, yet the Watch and Play classifications are presently getting the consideration.

The administration dispatched Monday (9 November) in South Africa at R2 (US13 pennies) for 30 minutes. In content terms, the point is to have half-and-half local and international content and worldwide content. Currently, the content portfolio feels somewhat slight; however, Mondia promises some significant content declarations before Christmas, and they will add more as they go forward: “we have 50 content partners who we are currently integrating.’

Content providers will get 50% of revenues spent on their content every month. Mondia has its dedicated content team and would be interested to hear from African content owners.

Mondia’s relationship with MNOs has more than 80 utilizing its different administrations, including Vodafone, Telefonica, and Vodacom. As expected, it will convince a portion of these clients to incorporate transporter charging into Monsooq.

It is talking to MNOs about “content+data” bundles that can be sold and also be given as part of a SIM starter pack: “We’re helping operators to monetize in a fragmented market and we see them as strategic partners in terms of reach. The MNOs we’ve talked to are excited and see this as an innovative approach. It is a new way to engage with their customers.”.

Suppose the launch in South Africa goes well. In that case, Monsooq will be rolled out in Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Kenya: “Our first milestone will be 1 million users and we have sub-milestones based on an engagement with the content KPI that we’ll look at in June.” Over time Mondia would like to see Mondia become a ‘super-app’ with a widening set of other applications.


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