The advent of COVID-19 has accelerated the speed of tech adoption among companies, industries, and individuals. Before the arrival or COVID-19, many small and medium enterprises did not think it was possible to operate their businesses outside the office’s four walls. Many companies viewed online engagements and home deliveries as being too risky, expensive, and cumbersome.

On the corporate divide, employees had to clock in and out daily. However, these are becoming abstract now. Remote working, video conferencing, and telemarketing are now the in-thing.

John Ssenkeezi, a digital marketer, narrates an event that occurred while working with QG Group. One of their clients, a breweries company, was recommended to provide an online platform where customers could order beer online. The company’s resellers, who distributed all over the country, would then deliver the beer. The company turned down the proposal.

In 2020, that same brewery company launched an online app that delivers beer to customers who placed an order online. Covid1-19 has accelerated behaviour change that was prompted prior.

He revealed some of the challenges that face digital marketing in Africa.

“Digital is quite impressive, dynamic, and it gets better the more you get your hands dirty. It is one thing to get certified and another to practice because much of the content available to us online is not Africa centric.

“So, you need to prove certain theories by trying out what will work and what won’t work. That can only happen if you engage in projects.”

To overcome these challenges, Ssenkeezi encourages other digital marketers in Africa to continue improving their techniques.

“If you stick to the old techniques, eventually, you will find they are outdated, neither driving value for you hence the need for change. Driven by passion aligned with exposure to personal, work projects, and reading quite a lot has kept me at the peak. Also, being certified by Google, Facebook, Twitter, you are guaranteed updated content on the trend in the market.”

“Digital marketers need to stay certified. There are so many digital marketers without any certification under their wing. Notably, renewed kinds of certifications keep one updated on new trends. It is time to get their hands dirty either on pro bono projects or sharing knowledge to get challenged. It all revolves around activity to help one identify areas of weakness, strength, and act accordingly to it.”

When asked about what motivates him, Ssenkeezi had this to say:

“At any time, I choose to have disposable income since I have witnessed the extremes of money and felt the bite of poverty at one point in life. I rarely spend on myself as an individual but am very happy to see a loved one happy or have their problem solved,”


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