Given the memorial held at the white house on Sunday, there were 20,000 void seats set up in dedication for those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, even as President Donald Trump remained in the hospital himself following a positive diagnosis for the COVID 19 infection.

The empty seats symbolised. “a fraction of the heartbreaking and unimaginable loss of 200,000 lives to COVID-19 in just six months,” said singer and former presidential health ambassador Dionne Warwick, who hosted the event.

“It’s an ideal opportunity to remain with all the survivors and Americans who have been devastatingly affected. It’s an ideal opportunity to thank the basic labourers and treat this pandemic all things considered: a mind-boggling misfortune. What’s more, the majority of all, it’s an ideal opportunity to appeal to God for those as yet languishing and over our country to join together and meet up to grieve and respect the value carries on with lost.”

“It’s time to stand with all the survivors and Americans who have been devastatingly impacted. It’s time to thank the essential workers and treat this pandemic as it is: an incredible tragedy. And most of all, it’s time to pray for those still suffering and for our nation to unite and come together to mourn and honour the precious lives lost.”

A Liberian whose name was Dr Maima Darbah Fahnbulleh was Among those honoured. Dr Maima Darbah Fahnbulleh was born in Robertsport and later emigrated for study in Canada and the United States, however, got back to West Africa to work with individuals with disabilities. She died in light of the Covid 19 pandemic on May 7.

“I can still hear her voice,” said Fahnbulleh’s daughter, Konah Bernard, who spoke at the memorial.

“She was so wise,” added Bernard, who hopes to continue what she called a legacy of hope, love, advocacy and excellence.

The occasion organised by Covid Survivors for Change was arranged before the news that Trump and his wife, Melania, tested positive for the virus alongside other high-level American authorities. Trump remained hospitalised on Sunday, where doctors said he was getting treatment for symptoms that included at least two scenes of low-oxygen immersion.


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