Nigerian airports in its capital, Abuja, and commercial hub Lagos have reopened for domestic travels today. However, a few airports will open on July 11 while the rest will resume flights on July 15. Still, No date has been given for the resumption of international flights

The resumption of flights is the latest step by the government to reopen Africa’s biggest economy, which has also been hit hard by low oil prices. In recent weeks it has lifted a ban on interstate travel, allowed some pupils to return to school and permitted places of worship to open.

Meanwhile, a few changes were made to the airport operating mode to keep abreast with the ongoing Covid-19 prevention. Changes such as, the use of markings on the floor to observe social distancing by passengers waiting to enter the airport and some newly installed handwashing facilities outside the building.

Other safety measures in place included airport workers taking the temperature of passengers and spraying bags with decontamination fluids.

“We are not out to punish anybody. We are interested in their wellbeing that is why we have put all of these things in place, and so we expect them to please abide by all of these procedures,” said Henrietta Yakubu, a spokeswoman for the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, on Tuesday as authorities prepared for flights to restart.

Despite efforts to kickstart the economy, health officials have expressed fears that the outbreak in the country might become much worse.



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