The president stated this at a Presidential Conference with the Participants of Senior Executive Course 42 of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies at the State House, Abuja, recently.

He noted that the focal point of the group’s research for the year, “Population Growth and Human Capital Development: Challenges and Opportunities,” was most appropriate in timing, and the recommendations would be fully considered.

He said: “I do not doubt that you have evaluated the theme given to you. I can assure you that many of your recommendations would further enhance Human Capital Development in the country.

“Let me reiterate that our administration is committed to diligently pursuing investments in people, especially in our youths as well as most vulnerable and poorest members of society.

“We will study and explore the creative and innovative recommendations in your report and direct implementations as soon as possible.”

The president told participants of Senior Executive Course 42 that he had made tremendous efforts at g the economy and reducing heavy dependence on the oil sector for government revenues and foreign The president told members of Senior Executive Course 42 that his administration had put forth colossal efforts at diversifying the economy and decreasing heavy reliance on the oil area for government revenues and exchange earnings.

“We are refocusing the economy on agriculture, agro-processing, arts, entertainment, mining, manufacturing, information technology, and labour-intensive industries to generate millions of jobs for our teeming youths and able-bodied Nigerians, while gradually integrating the economy into the global economy.

“This administration developed the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan for 2017–2020, which focused on economic diversification and stabilization, making the business environment more competitive, as well as achieving macroeconomic stability utilizing fiscal stimulus and improving the balance of external trades.


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