Being quarantined in the house, and having to take those 2 am zoom lectures which are often awkward and boring, can be mildly soul-destroying. Maybe you’re running low on funds after using online shopping as a coping mechanism. You’re here because you need a distraction from this new normal.

Start by considering these 25 ways to stay active and hustle some money while you’re at it:

  1. Upskilling: Pick up a brand new skill. Skate with Tony Hawk and cook with Gordon Ramsay on Masterclass, or learn a new language with the Duolingo owl.
  2. Quizzing: Host a virtual pub quiz for friends and family. If you’re super bored, feel free to draft up the entire quiz too.
  3. Walking: If you can, try to venture out on your state-sanctioned walks around the block every day. See if there are any local streets or tracks you haven’t explored before.
  4. Planting: Pick flowers and plants on your walk and propagate or dry them. You’ll have yourself a florist’s shop in no time!
  5. Reaching out: There is no better time to reach out to old friends than now.
  6. Cooking: Make your own sourdough starter. Be sure to follow a good recipe and don’t forget to discard half as you go! With any luck, your yeasty friend will be ready in a week, and you can start mass-producing loaves of all sizes, shapes and flavours.
  7. Influencing: Try your hand at being an influencer and create a Youtube channel. If you’re going to spend hours baking, you may as well record it and build a fanbase. Pop in a few ads, and you might even start earning some money.
  8. Investing: The stock market was at an all-time low thanks to Covid-19. Things have only started climbing their way back up now. It’s the perfect time for beginners to start investing. Here are some tips for fledgeling investors.
  9. Learning: We love to learn. Check out the Open University for free online courses. Alternatively, Harvard is offering a few short-term free courses.
  10. Helping: Are your neighbours, high-risk? Do they need help buying groceries? Are there any elderly people in your life who might be feeling a little lonely and wanting a chat over the phone? Extending a helping hand in tough times can help to build a sense of community and solidarity.
  11. Meditating: Apps like Calm and Headspace are popular, but there are also fantastic meditations on Youtube, free of charge. This is a great opportunity to learn to find solace in your own company.
  12. Selling: Are you a writer or an artist? Offer your skills and services digitally through websites such as Fiverr. Teach a yoga class or tutor students through zoom.
  13. Reading: Escape reality by diving into another dystopia. Expand your knowledge on topics you don’t know much about – think gastritis or mussel farming. If you’re wondering what on earth those things are, now’s your chance to find out.
  14. Touring: A virtual tour of the Tate Modern, Te Papa and Mars will be slightly more entertaining than your Facebook feed.
  15. Journaling: These are unprecedented times, so start keeping a diary or a blog. Who knows – in a few decades, you might look back on these memories somewhat fondly.
  16. Exercising: Commit to a 30-day challenge. Although you’re not leaving the house and no one can see your abs, at the very least it’ll add some structure and routine to your life at home.
  17. Practising: Fulfil those childhood fantasies of running away and joining the circus by honing your ability to pull off the perfect handstand or cartwheel. Or just teach yourself to play a few chords on the guitar.
  18. Sewing: Learn how to sew and knit. It’s high time for that button which popped off your pants to return to its rightful place. If you get really good, you can even start upcycling old fabrics or offering repair services in return for a small fee.
  19. Creating: Make cool earrings or artwork and sell them on Instagram. Rumour has it this can be quite the lucrative side business!
  20. Dating: Download tinder. If you want to be a bit classy, I recommend bumble.
  21. Photographing: Document your life in lockdown. Take your camera or phone on walks and get a little creative with angles and ideas.
  22. Reviewing: Listen to Taylor Swift’s entire discography and review each album in-depth on your new music blog. Churn out a list of the top ten objectively worst moments of 2020. Place ads in strategic spots and watch the revenue pour in.
  23. Competing: Enter online competitions – think short stories, poetry or movies. Winners usually end up with a pretty pile of prize money.
  24. Organising: This is admittedly less exciting, but it’s worth the trouble. Have a ‘life admin’ day. Update your CV. Clean out your closet. Reselling second-hand clothing on Depop or eBay generates a bit of extra cash.
  25. Reflecting: These few weeks (or months) are a great time to hit pause, reassess and adjust your lifestyle.

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