Google Maps is extending its compatibility with the world of iOS devices. Starting today, Maps is compatible with Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard on all CarPlay supported vehicles globally. Google is also introducing a new Maps app for the Apple Watch.

With CarPlay Dashboard mode support, Google Maps offers a split-screen view that lets users keep navigating while performing tasks with other apps, such as skipping to the next song on a playlist or checking calendar appointments.

Meanwhile, the new Apple Watch app is most useful when users are going to a pre-saved destination, like Home or Work. In those cases, users can easily get step-by-step directions and estimated arrival times. For other destinations, users can start navigating on their phone and then continue navigating via the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has been hugely successful and continues to attract new customers, Apple says. It belongs in Apple’s Wearables category, which is now the size of Fortune 140 company, Apple noted in its Q3 earnings conference call. During the quarter, more than 75 per cent of customers purchasing the Apple Watch was new to the product.

Meanwhile, Apple says that every major automobile manufacturer supports CarPlay, with more 500 models to choose from currently.




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